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Filming of the video clip “L’Aquila: A Territory of Emotions”

Filming of the video clip “L’Aquila: A Territory of Emotions”

The L’Aquila Film Institute “La Lanterna Magica” (The Magic Lantern) begins filming the video clip co-financed by the Abruzzo Region, “L’Aquila: A Territory of Emotions”. Filming starts on Thursday, April 29th with shots that will cover the city of L’Aquila, while Friday, April 30th the crew will move to the Piccolomini Castle in Capestrano and the Hermitage of Sant’Onofrio in Sulmona. 

The emotional journey intends to enhance and promote the city of L’Aquila and the surrounding area by fostering historical, artistic, architectural, naturalist and cultural values, all of which are elements of urban and regional identity. 

The star is Yuliya Mayarchu, who in addition to being a theater actress also acted in the film, “La vita è una cosa meravigliosa” (Life is a Wonderful Thing) by Carlo Vanzina. She also participated in the black comedy “Go go tales” by Abel Ferrara and appeared in several shows on Rai and Mediaset.  

The video clip is created by Pierluigi Rossi and Manuela D’Innocenzo while the screenplay is by Fabrizio Pompei and Iaia Centofanti. The project was realized with the organizational support of Rossana Alessandrini and directed by Fabio Massa.

(Translation by Matthew Prisco)