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About us

The Abruzzo Film Commission was created with Regional Law No. 53 of November 20, 2017 to support and help international and domestic film and TV productions with their projects in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo can be the ideal set for extraordinary film and TV projects.

The Abruzzo Film Commission is able to guarantee concrete support to productions through a series of initiatives, such as:

  • expediting services and logistical support both during pre-production and filming, with continuous liaisons with the public and private entities involved;
  • promotion of the territory's resources in terms of locations, know-how and skilled labour;
  • financial incentives through opportunities offered directly or in synergy with local partners and institutions.

The aim is also to develop a film and television industry in Abruzzo, that can contribute to the region’s culture, economy and employment, increasing the visibility of its territory on the national and international scene.

The Abruzzo Film Commission is member of the National Film Commissions Commitee, which is part of MIBAC's General Directorate for Cinema. In addition, the Commission generates promotion and marketing activities at special industry events and exhibitions.

Abruzzo Film Commission