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Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

Under the Stars of the West. The Myth of the Italian Western on Screen at Campo Imperatore

The successful series of western films shot in Italy, known as "spaghetti westerns", returns to Abruzzo for an extraordinary evening attended by some of the stars from back in the day. These include the actor Mario Girotti aka Terence Hill, Cristiana Pedersoli, one of the daughters of Carlo Pedersoli aka Bud Spencer, and also Sandra Zingarelli, the daughter of the producer of Trinity. 

The event, titled "50 years of Trinity - Terence Hill back on the Gran Sasso", will be held Wednesday, August 4 in Campo Imperatore and represents a memorable moment in the history of film tourism in Abruzzo. It revives the myth of the character of Trinity and his adventures filmed on the Plateau of Campo Imperatore, a location that continues to be of interest to productions from across the film world. 

It's important to underline the fact that this film, like many of the genre, represents a moment of discovery for younger generations of a film genre that goes beyond the classic cliché "cowboy-Indian-blue coats". 

Essayist Don Samuele Pinna, who dedicated two volumes to the reigning couple of the spaghetti-western, and Piercesare Stagni, film historian and author of the book "Il cinema forte e gentile" will discuss the history and various moments in the making of the film during the event. 

The event program includes the following:  

6:40 pm - Arrival at the parking area "Canyon Scoppaturo"  

6:50-7:15 pm - Short walk in the Canyon with Terence Hill, the other speakers, and some dignitaries 

7:30 pm – Event starts  

9:00 pm - Screening of "Trinity is Still My Name”  

(Translated by Pallavi Kurakula with Danielle Maus)