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Emanuele Moretti

The lively colors of Emanuele Moretti’s works in the film set of Diario di Spezie (Spice Diary)

The beautiful and vital colors of the works of the Abruzzese artist, Emanuele Moretti, will be featured in the design for the film set, Diario di Spezie (Spice Diary). It is the latest film by Massimo Donati starring Fabrizio Ferracane, and will be competing in the upcoming festivals in Cannes, Venice, and Berlin. 

It is an important recognition for this young, talented artist, who comes from major productions such as Rai Cinema and Master Five Cinematography. 

Cattleya, one of the largest independent film production companies, had already used the artist’s canvases in the television series Masantonio with Alessandro Preziosi, which will air on Channel 5 at the end of this year. 

(Translated by Pallavi Kurakula with Matthew Prisco)