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Leonardo film festival

Leonardo Film Festival, selections made in international competition and start of screenings

The first edition of the Leonardo Film Festival finally kicks off. It is an event financed by MIUR and MIC through the “Buone pratiche per la scuola” (Best practices for school) and is included in the activities surrounding the restart of the L’Aquila Film Festival. It was created in collaboration with the Terni Film Festival Popoli e Religione and the Blumagma Association of Pescara.  

The official titles of the scientific-themed short films included in the international competition have been finalized. They are part of the event created with the support of the Film Commission d’Abruzzo. The program will boast an exceptional jury. Led by director Felice Farina, students from the Liceo Misticoni-Bellisario di Pescara, the Liceo Classico Ovidio di Sulmona, and the Amedeo d’Aosta Institute of L’Aqulia will try their hands at this new interprovincial experience.  


Z. Berton-Bojko, S. Covo Perez, G. Heussler, Y. Kacprzak, M. Wiriath (2020) 

When science gets out of hand, the consequences are disastrous 

(5 minutes, no dialogue)  


Louis Morton (2018) 

In the future, on a remote island, people are training for an important mission. Take a look at the mechanics of this training facility and the creatures inside it.  

(4 minutes, no dialogue) 

21st SENSE 

Christian Battiferro (2020) 

In a research center, Steve was commissioned to withdraw the Ikarus project, a software that would allow humans to communicate with plants by connecting our organism to the 21st sense of the plant kingdom. But the 21st sense has never been identified.  

(20 minutes, Italian subtitles) 


Manuel Hüttner (2019) 

In a dystopian vision of the future, a mysterious secret agent gets lost during a mission. When his division gets him back, they perform a series of tests at a government facility and find that something interesting is missing in his memories.  

(10 minutes, Italian subtitles) 


R. Tariaffe, A. Santos Silvia, F. Mignet, Q. Delobel, A. Abourizk, D. Bougard, V. Jeanneret (2017) 

Ariane, a space engineer and passionate astronomer, discovers the dangerous approach of an asteroid to planet Earth. What can a single person do as she now faces the destiny of all of humanity?  

(3 minutes, no dialogue) 


Mathilde Poigniez (2019) 

A stupid insect at the bottom of the animal pyramid suffers in his position as prey to others in the forest. But suddenly, the established order is reversed, and the insect causes a chain of events that progressively gets worse and worse.  

(4 minutes, Italian subtitles) 


Natasha Ninni (2018) 

A botanist who holds classroom lectures is deeply bored. Back at home, he accidentally spills a cup of coffee and this inspires him to paint on his big white wall.  

(3 minutes, English subtitles) 


B. Bernon, MAathieu Guevel, A. Rege, C. Curbin, J. Van Beneden (2017) 

During the USSR space race in the 60s, Macha and Vassily secretly build a rocket.  

(5 minutes, Italian subtitles) 


Mohamad Houhou (2018) 

The ostriches continue their daily activities by burying their heads, believing that it is an instinctive behavior. However, the research of the phylogenetictist, Dr. Kays, says otherwise.  

(6 minutes, Italian subtitles) 


Kévin Rogovits, L. Kalbache, N. Plazannet, S. Medda (2018) 

Dr. John Becker and Dr. Nick Harmon, two dedicated and passionate scientists, will discover the mysteries of a cave many light years away from Earth, one that is capable of sustaining life.  

(5 minutes, no dialogue) 

Thanks to the scientific contributions from the Gran Sasso Science Institute and the National Laboratories of Gran Sasso, thousands of students from schools in L’Aquila, Avezzano, Pescara and Terni will be involved in projects, meetings, lectures, laboratories, and conferences on scientific and artistic subjects.  

There will be three events open to the public: Saturday May 22nd at the Auditorium of the Parco dell’Aquila with the show “L’Aquila di Leonardo” from Teatro Stabile of Abruzzo, by and with Andrea Fugaro; Monday May 24th, once again at the park’s Auditorium, with a screening and meeting dedicated to the great writer and scientist Isaac Asimov, made possible in collaboration with the DSU of L’Aquila University, the Gran Sasso Science Institute, and talks by professors Mirko Lino and Francesco Vissani; lastly, at the Politeama Theater at Terni, the final day will include the participation of film director and President of the Jury Felice Farina, and distinguished guests such as astronaut Luca Parmitano, actresses Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Giorgia Surina, director Gianluca Cerasola, and professor GSSI Pierluigi Crescenzi.  

For more information and reservations (free) visit the page: 

(Translated by Paula Qefaliaj and Matthew Prisco)