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Huge distribution success for Reverse, the legal thriller by Mauro John Capece

Reverse, the breathtaking legal thriller by director Mauro John Capece, was distributed on all of the national on-demand Platforms (Sky Primafila, Amazon Prime Video, Chili; Rakuten, The Film Club, Google Play and Apple TV). 

In the film, which has locations in Abruzzo such as la Fortezza di Civitella del Tronto (the Fortress of Civitella del Tronto), Nereto, and Teramo, victim and executioner overlap in a game of death and guilt, fiction and psychological violence. 

A succession of emotions, perfectly sustained by composer Marco Korben Del Bene’s soundtrack. The cast includes, among others, Iago Garcia, Corinna Coroneo, Adrien Liss and Simonetta Ingrosso. 


Produced by Giuseppe Lepore, based on a subject and screenplay by Guillaume Pichon. 

(Translation by Pallavi Kurakula with Paula Qefaliaj)