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S.O.S. Stanlio e Ollio


Tomorrow, Thursday, August 5 and Friday, August 6, the Film Institute of L'Aquila, "Lanterna Magica" offers screenings of two masterpieces by Laurel and Hardy, which accompany the exhibit “Laurel and Hardy Turn 100. 1921-2021" at the MuMAC, Museum of Crafts and the Arts of Cinema. 

The films have been restored and digitized by the Maria Pia Casilio Film Library as part of the project ‘"S.O.S. Stanlio and Ollio": Let’s Save Italian Versions of the Films by Laurel & Hardy!’ 

The exhibit “Laurel and Hardy Turn 100. 1921-2021,” created with the support of the Ministry of Culture’s Cinema Directorate of the Municipality of L'Aquila, and the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of the Province of L’Aquila, is open from Monday to Saturday, 4-8pm in the Galleria di Complesso Ursini in via Enrico De Nicola 28 in Pettino. 


Thursday August 5 at 6 pm Laurel and Hardy: A Laugh for Two  

Documentary dedicated to the comedy, mime and humor of Laurel and Hardy. 

Friday, August 6 at 6 pm Walls by James Parrott  

All details are available on the institutional website 

(Translated by Pallavi Kurakula with Danielle Maus)