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Campo imperatore

At an altitude between 1,500 and 1,900 meters (4,900 and 6,200 feet), the Campo Imperatore plateau is about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) long with a width ranging from 3 to 7 kilometers (1.86 to 4.34 miles). The slope rises gently in an alternation of alluvial plains of lake origin, with moraines left by the ancient glaciers, rock-glaciers, snow moraines, glacial cirques, breaches and rivers, and rocky walls.  

The peaks that limit and surround what is commonly referred to as “Little Tibet”  are among the highest and most evocative of the Apennines:  

  • La Scindarella (2,233 meters or 7,326 feet) and Monte Potella (2,385 meters or 7,824 feet) with their spectacular glacial cirques. 
  • Corno Grande (2,912 meters or 9554 feet), which dominates from the top of its four peaks, and Monte Aquila (2,494 meters or 8182 feet), its natural peak. 
  • The dolomitic Brancastello mountains (2,385 meters or 7,824 feet) and Monte Prena (2,561 meters or 8,402 feet) with their tortuous forms rich in canyons, and the grassy southern slope of Monte Camicia (2,564 meters or 8,412 feet)

(Translated by Matthew Prisco with Paula Qefaliaj)

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Location Campo Imperatore (AQ)
Access Paved road, access by cable car / cableway, access by helicopter or plane
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