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The Amiternum theater

In the territory of L’Aquila, specifically in the hamlet of San Vittorino, stood the ancient Sabine city of Amiternum. The ancient city was named after the Aterno river that flows nearby, or, as Strabo recalls, the river that crossed the inhabited area. Among the best-known local cults, we remember those of Feronia-Hercules and of Fortuna, whose temple was rebuilt after a fire.

The Amiternum theater dates to the era of the Emperor Augustus and is situated at the center of the city in the area known as the Ara di Saturno. The auditorium is built into the slope of the hill on the east side, and on the west side was constructed by eight substructuring walls. 

According to an inscription, it was abandoned after the 4th century AD, and excavations show that it was used as a necropolis in ancient times. 

The amphitheater is found on the margins of the city, to the right of the river. It is a small building encircled by 48 archways over two floors, still preserved today. Unfortunately, now the arena is almost entirely buried, but during its prime time it would have accommodated about 6000 spectators. 

Nearby, the church of San Michele Arcangelo contains extraordinary catacombs.

Location San Vittorino, L'Aquila
Access Paved roads, reachable by car 
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